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Puppy Tales

BD KENNELS not only provides wonderful American Brittany Spaniel and German Shorthaired Pointer pups, but family wellness too! It has been our pleasure to meet some of the most wonderful people by selling our pups. Here are comments that are fun and useful. Call and make an appointment for a comfortable interaction of dog and man… you’ll be glad you did!

Whoever said diamonds are a girls' best friend... never owned a dog!

It is an honor to have such a fine Brittany. I love my dog. -Pete

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Joe is a cool dog... friendly, smart, and a quick learner. -Carl

Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. -Mike

Charlie is one high energy puppy! He loves to chase the geese and robins at the park, and chew down the rose bushes! I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help and shipping such a great pup. He is so much fun in the Colorado snow! -George
liver and white brittanyLiver and white brittanyLiver and white brittanyLiver and white brittany 

Our pup is so smart... only took two days to learn how to use the dog door! He is healthy, fun and a great addition to our family. -Andrea

We love our liver/white puppy... smart, fun for us and our two-year old daughter. -Eric

Noelle and Brittany Puppy cooper

We just love Cooper and want to say thank you for being so helpful with the purchase of our precious addition to our family. He's so smart and already (two days) knows his name. You are an amazing couple and I feel blessed to know you. We love you both so much! Taylor finally came up with the AKC name for Cooper - it's Latin "Meus Sodalis Cooper". Translation - "My companion Cooper". Beautiful, isn't it? That's my son - creative and unique. Could not be more impressed with him. He constantly amazes me!!! Thank you for the card... we love you! -Noelle and Taylor

I want you to know what a pleasure it was meeting you and Butch this past Sunday. Your hospitality was quite welcoming. Here are pictures of Uno meeting our little girl. Will send more pictures as we will definitely be staying in touch. We love our new family addition... UNO! -Tracy

Just an update on our newest member of the family! UNO is growing more and more! Rey has been taking him to large fields where he hunts and lets him run! What a happy dog! Thank you again! -Tracy

Nine month old male Brittany Pup


Jack is doing great. He is getting big... ten pounds already! He has adjusted very well to our home and is getting along perfectly with our five-year old female Brittany Maicy. Here is the info on the Florida American Brittany Rescue. Jack was nine-months old Halloween. -Cheryl
Brittany Puppy

Simba the lion king Brittany pupSince we worked on The Lion King movie, you know how special it is to us, so here is Simba at Halloween; one of our favorite pictures. He is smart and fun! -Brendon and Erica

Brittany spaniel

Brittany Spaniel


WBrittany Spaniele are enjoying him so much. His name is "Bailey Boo Cruce" and officially 8.3 lbs. Had a great check up with our vet who wanted to know where we got him! He has had several in his lifetime from NC. Bailey has learned to sit; working on stay; kennel up; and working very hard on potty training! He wakes up once during the night… goes to the bathroom outside… then back to sleep. Now if we can survive the needle teeth, we will do just fine! Oh, he is retrieving a tennis ball… some on command… so we feel he is very smart! -Margaret and Ira

Thank you... he is a HAND FULL, but wonderful addition to the family! He will not sleep in the kennel… only in the bed over my head. Trying to get him to like his kennel?? Chases our other six year-old dog biting back legs... funny to watch. -Mike


Duke Male Brittany

Let me tell you; that dog is a real hoot when he gets to playing with either Toby or Kyli. He was so small at first that he was of course babied and now he still thinks he's entitled to all the carrying and lap sitting. He's all legs and elbows now. He did catch a bird the other day and totally grossed Kyli out. We can't thank you enough for your kindness... Duke is part of the family and spoiled rotten just like the grandkids. Thanks! -Laura

Male Brittany Pup


We have named him Jack! He seems to be assimilating himself very well. Daisy is our older dog... she is trying to like him, but she thinks he is high maintenance! We love him! Thank you again! -Dominique


Thank you! We ARE enjoying our baby! She has adapted into our family very well. -Bonnie


brittany female pup

"Bailey Boo" has officially outgrown the kitchen sink for his bath... full of vim and vigor! We do love him so much. He has learned many things… retrieves, toys, balls. A small PVC pipe fitting is a big favorite. He sits, will stay and the cutest thing is watching him learn to point birds! Finally got the front leg up to point instead of the rear leg! He has doubled in size 12.5 pounds last Wednesday at the vet. He sits on the scale when told at the vet until they get his weight. Very smart! House and crate training is going very well. Very hard to keep him still for pictures… so I will try to get one to you soon. -Margaret & Ira

Dearest Donna...It was absolutely wonderful meeting and conversing with you and Butch last weekend. Yana and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were also deeply impressed with your home/kennels and your methods of raising your champion bloodline puppies (both wire-haired and Britt's).  We can't wait for the next litter...Yana is already at the edge of her seat. -Sean

female german wirehaired pointer pup Belle


Belle is doing amazing. She is everything I had hoped for... bright, alert, curious and confident. Belle did great in the plane and is coming along with crate and house training. It was great meeting you and I will keep in touch with her development! Here she is exploring. -Gerhard and Belle

He's absolutely gorgeous! Looks just like Joe, his Dad! We can't wait to see him! -Susan

Thanks for your hospitality and for the great pup! It was a real pleasure meeting everyone. Thanks again. -Ed and Kelly

Beauford male wirehaired pupBeaufort turned 12 weeks and is adjusting nicely to his new family and home.  The girls place about 1-2 pictures a week on his very own instagram account. -Jesus

Donna thank you! We ARE enjoying our baby! Bailey the super brittany spaniel pup She has adapted into our family very well. -Bonnie

Oh my goodness… I love the tiny strip of white on his head! I can't believe Reba had so many puppies! -Mary

Opie is doing great, he is quite the character, very vocal and full of expressOpie the great Brittany pupions. He truly brings us so much joy every day with his “Opie Antics”. He loves people and dogs and great with all the kids. His favorite activities are lizard hunting and playing and playing and digging. Opie is full of personality and one of the smartest dogs we’ve owned. He rings the bell to go out and he picks up on obedience very fast. Our other dog tries to keep him in line, but he is bigger than she is now, so she is sneaky about taking things from him. -Ben and Pam

Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful pictures!!! He's so sweet lovin' on his parents!!! He's getting so big, so fast! I've been showing everyone in my office and Big Paul checked his email and been showing Tugboat off as well. We just love him so much already!!! Thank you so much!!! EEKk! We're so excited -Nicole

I showed Megan the pups too and she was smitten! It's been a joy checking your site for the photo's--gave me a smile! -Sean

On another note I have the best Brittany ever. She is simply amazing. I know you're going say "everyone has the smartest and best kid" and I do! High energy, smart, wants to please, well disciplined, and of course--just gorgeous. I have never had any interest in competing--Dixie makes me think long and hard about having the next world champion at the NASTRA trials. She is also making a good cow dog. She will truly be a "bragging rights dog." Warmest Regards. -Wiley T

Hill Female Brittany pupSophie is doing great! She is such a lover and so quick to pick up new things. She is a spoiled baby! She's my co-pilot in the car and likes for me to hold her head up for her! I know, call me an enabler! -Jill

We had the time of our lives... you guys are great people who do a fantastic job with your lovely dogs! I feel we're getting more than just a dog, we're getting new friends too! I'm looking forward to all the things that come after getting the puppy. I really enjoyed playing with Trax! We can't wait to see you guys again. We're praying for Dusty. We want everything to go ok for her. See you soon. -Bill

All the girls are home from camp. They were screaming of joy about getting our precious little girl!!! Jumping up and down. We are in such a high! Thanks for the good news. -Love Miriam

News flash!! We would like a MALE dog. Could we have the pick of the both litters coming at the end of September? My Joe fell in love with your Joe! I am so happy because my Joe can hardly wait!! He just lights up around those pooches! See? Things happen for a reason. -Love, Nan and JoJill Rivollie

The new pup meets our Jill! -Philip

Hey Ms. Donna! Tugboat really wanted to EAT the camera so this was the best one we could get! Giggle! Next year we’ll have someone behind the camera man to tell Tug to “watch” so he sits still… He’s still such a puppy!! But he’s a spoiled puppy for sure! He’s been a wonderful addition to our family – despite his mischievous ways! In the blink of an eye he can find trouble… but so can his best buddy, our toddler! J Anyway, hope you’re all doing well down there, just wanted to share how big Tuggy has gotten and send a little Christmas cheer. -Nicole

Brittany Pup



-Simba, Erica & Brendon

Oliver Male Liver PupOliver Male Liver PupOiver is doing fine and weighing about 13 pounds already. He is so smart and adorable! Full of fun mischief! These are his birds! -Gary


Dixie was in your June 19th litter, Bell and Cooper. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to our lives. She is the most sweet-natured and SMART dog. She is a best friend to our five year old son, Luke. She is the soccer team mascot. The neighborhood favorite and my constant companion. Dixie loves VERY LONG walks, golf cart rides, trips on the boat, picking Luke up from school, playing chase and soccer in the back yard, and her absolute favorite pastime is chasing squirrels and lizards! -Kristy and Pete 

Pete Hernandez w/dixieDixie Hernandez

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our new addition to our family! Thanks so much to you both! Wishing you and yours a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hugs! -Kristy and Pete Hernandez


Love coming every weekend to see our new family member. With a wife and four daughters, I'm so glad to have a male pup! -Ben

Amanda and I want to say thank you again. We love our captain. He's doing really well! House broken already! He's smart, loving and handsome. I attached some pictures of us paddle boarding at honeymoon island in Clearwater. We are so happy with Captain! He is georgous, smart and fun. Thanks for providing just the right pup and being a part of your entended family. -Amanda & David

Captain Male Brittany Spaniel

Captain Male Brittany SpanielCaptain Male Brittany Spaniel

Donna & Butch... Diane and I would like say it has been a pleasure during these past months waiting for our new member to our family and getting to know you and Butch.  You and Butch are two wonderful human beings and anyone seeking a Brittany pup from your kennel will enjoy the experience. It was great fun coming to your kennel in Lake Wales; seeing your dogs and discussing with you and Butch on the proper care and raising of your puppies. As you know little “Belle” is a Christmas gift for our grandsons and we can’t wait to see the excitement she is going to generate. Diane and I have come to think of you and Butch as friends and tell Butch Diane is still talking about the beautiful Chocolate and White Brittany’s he raises. The Best to both of you and keep in touch. -Phil & Diane R


Bacardi turns six months Saturday and is our love. Likes the pool shelf but not so much the water yet. -Phil & Dory

It has been so wonderful getting to know you. We are so grateful for your hospitality and taking such good care of the dogs... and yes, you made our day. Thank you! Thank You! -Miriam, lra, Julie, Emma, Mia

I just wanted to email and let you know how Mossy is doing at fifteen weeks old! She has been absolutely wonderful so far. She is starting to show her color a lot more, and actually looks to have a little roan in her coat, starting to see more and more everyday. She is starting to put on some size now, although still much smaller I'm sure than her brothers and sisters since she weighed 2.8 pounds when we took her home at eight weeks. 

She has started pointing the wing, and is quite good, and has started basic retrieving and is coming along there as well. Next step is to get her out in some fields and find some wild birds, since I don't have any here for her. She is definitely a quick study, and picks up on things very fast. Thanks!! -Sean


I wanted to send some pictures of our baby boy from the January litter this year. He was the one in the orange collar. His name is Buoy, and he is living up to his name. He loves the water, paddle boarding, and the boat. He is the sweetest puppy, so smart, and loves every person and animal he meets. We love him so much and couldn't be happier. Thanks again! -Danaliver male pup

Thank you Donna for a great visit with our new baby! You are amazing! Can't wait to bring her home in a few weeks. -Brenda

YouNan Joe Jodie are the kindness people we have met in a very long time. We are still thinking about a second girl pup. We have named the first Jillian and the second will be MacKenzie or Mack for short. We are so excited! -Love, Nan and JoeNan Joe Jodie

Nice to meet you, and looking forward to seeing how you can help us join the Brittany dog owner family. Thanks! -Brian and Sarahliver brittany pup

We are anxious to add our new companion to our family. (We loved the markings on your puppy, Bull!) –Shana B

We are looking forward to adding a new member to our family in March. Attached is a picture of our Molly Lou that passed this summer - I'm sure that the puppy we are blessed with from you will be just as amazing. We are so excited!! -Brenda 

Thank you all so much again for a great visit today! We LOVE the Brittanys! Your place is so great. We are very excited for Brandy and Hudson's litter ready in March for us. Our first choice is a Chocolate Brown and White FEMALE. Thank you so much, we are so excited! -Kelly and Quint

Everything went very well with Kayla yesterday. She traveled well with no problems at all. I can't believe how smart she is for such young age!! Kayla is doing great!! She is growing like a weed. Every time she sees or hears a bird she gets VERY alert and the nose goes down to the ground looking where the bird is. She is always tracking something including the cat. Her nose is unbelievably good, you can’t get anything past her!!! She is extremely smart and seems like she should be able to train easily (all that seems to be needed is praise). The Vet was also impressed with the paperwork. Everything was in order. He said he is rarely getting paperwork that complete anymore. -Karl and Judy

red Jim Woodsred Jim Woodsred Jim WoodsThey are doing well, usually only have to get up once a night with them! It is a lot fun and we are really enjoying them. Jim was using the wing on a pole. He’s missing the other dogs and thinking of a visit before long –Julie

Thank you very much. Im thrilled to get the Brittany puppy. I need to know the pickup date to get someone to ship it to me. Just want to let you know I am very satisfied with my new puppy. He really is what I was looking for. You did a great job choosing him for me since I live in Kentucky! I want him for a companion and pheasant hunting. He is a quick learner and has very good disposition. He is already allowing me to be his master and I am very loving to him. If anyone is thinking of buying a puppy, I recommend Butch and Donna at BD Kennels. I will keep you informed on his progress. Thanks very much. -William Dotson

Thank you for the card. Oliver is doing great and a bundle of joy. Have a Happy Easter! We would love to bring our Big puppy out to visit some day! We hope you are doing well! -Mary and Nick

LaBuffe babyLove to get together with soon. We stay busy with competitions.Take care. -Pam

Loved the card! Happy Memorial Day to you both. May we always remember those that went before us and gave the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless you both and God Bless America! Thank you! -Andy, Ragan, Ethan and Austin

Happy Memorial Day! Oliver is such a joy and has a great personality! He is always happy to see everyone! -Denise

Thank you again for making time for us to tour the facility and meet the pups. We were really impressed with what you have put together. It’s a relief to know we will be getting the newest addition to our family from someone who clearly cares deeply for their animals. -Simon

Looks like brother and sister are bonding nicely. She sure is a humdinger! Thanks again for another beautiful puppy, she is incredible. -Brendon

Ruger is growing fast and we enjoy him tremendously. He might be a "bit" spoiled though. We're doing dog obedience training and he was recently trained on an invisible fence. Very smart dog!! At times he really looks like Leala, but think his freckles may resemble his dad more. He has "freckles" popping up all over. Very cute! -Shana

Ruger Male Orange 8 months old Brittany Spaniel

Thank you so very much for all the pictures you sent us yesterday! We can't wait to bring Ruby home in March! We are hoping to get down to Lake Wales before we pick her up in March. Thank you also for being willing to send more pictures soon - we are so excited to add our new family member - she is absolutely beautiful - we are going to love her to pieces!! -Brenda

Female Orange Brittany Spaniel Pup Mirium



I'm totally nuts about her. She is so wonderful. super smart, active, feisty, chunky as Hudson her dad. She is defiantly my dog. Haha! I just share her with the family out of the goodness of my heart. Look, she is a natural. Ira loves to watch her swim. -Miriam 

Miriam pup swimming

Hey! Sorry this took so long, I couldn't figure out how to do it! This is for the remaining balance from buying our German Wirehaired this weekend! We decided to name her Addie...and she is already sitting! Thanks again! -Lisa & Vince

Hope everything is going great for you. We are doing well and enjoying our puppy. I just wanted you to see how fast Daly is growing. He is now 14" at the shoulder and weighs 14.4 lbs. He is full of energy and into everything… typical Brittany style. He loves people, walks and car rides. Taught him to sit for green beans, but the Stay command is still difficult for him. He is learning very quickly. -Tom and Judy

Emma is doing really well. She has taken to our home nicely and has been minimal on mischief to this point (knock on wood). She has been quite picky about her treats. I am still hunting for a treat that she will go gaga over. She is currently licking my foot but I can hardly use that for training haha! I hope you all are doing well and to talk to you soon. -Clayton

Here are Anastasia and Drusilla. They are doing very nicely. Anastasia had her first trip to Disney last night and was expose to fireworks. She got a chicken sandwich in little bits and dealt very well with the fireworks. She only had a hard time with the finale, but then went back to the chicken--a stressed dog won't eat so she was fine. I was thrilled with her. She and Dru have been going to Universal and have been great with the parades and crowds there. Dru will go to fireworks next week. Hope all is well with you. Thank you again for these wonderful dogs!
                                                                                                         -Susan Grill, 

German Wirehaired Pointer Service Dog

                Service Dog TrainerGerman Wirehaired Pointer Service DogGerman Wirehaired Pointer Service Dog


You asked for a list of the commands Jack knows. Of course he knows his name, we call him Jack or Jack-Jack. He knows the following commands well:

  • Sit
  • Down (instead of lay down)
  • Off (when he jumps up on a person)
  • Crawl
  • Leave it (for when he is doing anything he should not be doing)

    We have started to teach him some others, but he doesn't have these down yet:

    • Stay
    • Fetch
    • Drop it, or leave it when returning from a fetch
    • Catch
    • Rollover

      He is really food motivated... little training treats or broken bits of milkbone or other treats work well. Sometimes we have to put the treats close to his nose to get his attention but once you have his attention... his focus is excellent. -Mark

      Congrats with the AKC Care and Compliance Policy on-site inspection. Would not have expected anything less! You all are great!! Everything about our experience when getting our Brittany from you was above and beyond expectation. We love our now 8 month "Ruger" and wouldn't even think to go anywhere else. Congratulations Butch and Donna, and everyone at BD Kennels. - Shana B.Wrecks Male Brittany Spaniel

      We hope you both are doing well. Wreck is 20lbs already and his legs get longer every day. He is very smart – on his first full day at home, he learned to sit. A couple weeks later, he could shake hands.  He is very entertaining and of course, he’s adorable!  He loves the peacocks in the neighborhood and loves to carry their feathers around when he can find one.  We would love to bring him out to visit some day. Thanks again for everything! -Mary and Nick

      liver Female Brittany 9 monthsShe's is extremely spoiled (as you can see by the couch picture) and loving every moment. Thank you for our girl! We adore her! -Brenda 

      I wanted to update you on Lucca who we picked

      Lucca Liver female Brittany

      up about four months ago. She was just spayed this week but that has not done a thing to change her. When she was a baby, she was described as a bit timid, so I have to tell you the dramatically different dog she turned out to be. She is a WILD one! Two days after we got her home, she started showing her rambunctious self. She is super smart, very inquisitive, FEARLESS. SheLucca Liver female Brittany  is the first Brittany (3rd) we have had that likes the water as you see her putting her snout fully under water in the pool searching for leaves. She also looked like a little piglet with her face markings and we thought she was so cute but now, she is growing into an absolute beauty as you see from the top pic. We are happy to have Lucca and she is in love with her two other dog siblings and of course her "walks" when she hunts her lizards and birds. -Laurie S

      Female German Wirehaired pupWho runs the house, Coco does of course! We all love her. She really keeps the boys busy with chasing squirrels and butterflies! -Jennifer



      Daly may have been small when we picked him up, but he is growing at a rapid pace. In three weeks he went from 3.9 lbs to 8.5 lbs. and stands 11 inches at the shoulder. You can almost watch him grow. He is fully house trained. Daly knows the word "no" although he tells me loud and clear homuch he dislikes that word. He knows green beans are in the freezer and loves to play with his toys. He has also learned to walk on a leash and goes for a walk everyday. It is amazing to me how fast he is learning. As you can hear, he is very loved. -Tom & Judy


      Harper is doing so good. Our other Brittany's took to ger right away. She loves being near them both! Harper loves our huge, grassy yard... it's hard to get her to come in some days.  Yesterday, we put her on the first step into the pool. She was nervous, but we'll slowly keep trying as she keeps walking over to it. She sleeps now through the night... so great to be getting 6-7 hours of sleep again. She goes back next week for her rabies, etc., shots. She was nine pounds last time we went to the vet. -Alesia

      Just in case you guys were missing these two girls! -CarlTwo Brittany pups

      Female Brittany Pup

      Our family cannot thank you enough for the time spent with us on Saturday.  It was just an amazing day for us to finally meet you and our sweet Ruby. Every one of your dogs are just so beautiful and we are blessed to have found you!! Can't wait to pick up Ruby in a few weeks. Give her kisses for us until then. Now Ruby is three months old and my dishwasher helper! Thank you Donna and Butch for our sweet girl! -Brian, Brenda, Bradley and Briana T.

      German Wirehaired Smooth-coat Female MaggieGerman Wirehaired Smooth-coat Female MaggieMaggie's loving her new home. She's made great friends with our granddaughter. Love at first site. -Mary Anna M.

      I will say, you make the cutest and friendliest puppies, and everyone just loves him already. He loves watching (or sleeping) at the baseball game. My 80-year old grandfather fell in love with him last night while he cuddled with him the whole night... and he really needed that! -Dana I.dana ingram jetty BASEBALL

      dANA iNGRAM

      Legs the American Brittany Spaniel

      Here is "Legs" with our grandson. The communication they have together is amazing! - Julie & Jim

      Hey all! Lani is settling right in over here and our old girl Brady is ok with it all! She's sleeping in her kennel, beginning to respond to her name, and is learning the "no" command, (what she can chew on and what not!). We're just so happy! Thanks again!! -Jeff S.

      She saw the vet today and is as healthy as ever! Thanks again for making my kids' dream of having a puppy a reality! -Carla